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GENERAL questions

What is Spanish Por Favor?

Spanish Por Favor (SPF) was founded in 2004 and is a subsidiary of Think Abroad, LLC.  As a leader in facilitating international education and Spanish language study, we specialize in sending people of all ages and backgrounds to prestigious Spanish language schools in Latin America and Spain to learn the Spanish language and to experience the culture.  Currently, we have Affiliate Spanish Language Schools in Argentina, Costa Rica, Spain, Puerto Rico, Chile, and Mexico.

We do not just send our clients abroad to learn Spanish; we enhance their education of the Spanish language and Latino culture by connecting them with world-class educators and institutions.  We encourage all client’s to customize their immersion experience, which increases the likelihood of them reaching their unique goals.

This form of foreign language education and international experience allows us to fulfill our client’s needs and provides a learning experience above and beyond any foreign language course in the high school or University setting.

All SPF staff are experienced travelers and have gone through immersion education first hand. With this experience, we understand the needs of our clients.

Why should I go with Spanish Por Favor?

Please read about SPF's Quality Assurance Guide.


Describe a typical day?

Please read about a what it is like, to learn Spanish!


I am 65 years-old and want to study abroad and learn Spanish. Am I too old? Also, I would like to bring my 13 year-old grandson, is that ok?

Too old? Definitely not. While we have many university age students, we have many active adults and seniors as well. The diversities of ages, nationalities, professions, and interests of our students contribute to the unique experience you will have.

Bringing your grandson is ok. Students under the age of 16 who will not be accompanied by parents or relatives, need to contact us about special arrangements.


Should I have an International Student Card (ISIC)?

It's always a good idea to take your ISIC Card with you (or get one if you haven't already got one) and show it everywhere - for great discounts! Even if you're not a full-time student, but are under 25, or if you're a teacher, there is a card for you! It is called the ISIC Card.

In addition, our Affiliate Spanish Language Schools in Latin America will also issue you a student identification card entitling you to discounts at local shops, restaurants and places of cultural interest, so please remember to pack a couple of passport sized photos.


What is the weather like in Costa Rica?

Temperatures generally range between 70 F (20C) and 85 F (30C). The sunniest and driest season is mid-December through April, coinciding with the busiest tourist season. This time of year is considered the High Season and you will pay a little more for your Spanish language courses and homestay.

The rainy season starts in May and goes through November. Afternoon showers are the norm during the rainy season, also known as the “green season”. In spite of the rain, this is still a great time to visit Costa Rica. The tourist economy slows down and the lush vegetation grows during the rainy season. There is a short dry spell in June and July.

Typically the Caribbean coast gets much more rain and can be very humid during the dry season. The North Pacific Coast gets the hottest with temperatures exceeding 90F (33C). For current global weather conditions please go to


I want to explore Costa Rica and possibly other countries in Latin America. Will the staff help me to plan and organize day and weekend excursion trips?

Yes indeed!. All of the school's staff have years of experience and hundreds of networks and contacts to help you plan and execute the perfect excursion trip(s). Just for fun, I have listed, described, and given general prices for a few of the most popular Costa Rica Adventure Tours. Please go to: Costa Rica Excursions!


Is there free Internet access at all of the Affiliate Spanish Language Schools?

For sure! We understand the importance of communication, especially while being away from home. Spanish Por Favor only selects Affiliate Spanish Language Schools that are technologically savvy and offer their students Internet, fax and international calling service. All of our schools in Mexico and Spain have WiFi for student use.


As an American, do I need a visa to be in Costa Rica, Mexico or Spain?

No. You will not need a visa to visit these countries.  Please visit this site for more specific on the need for a visa.

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How many weeks should I study to become fluent?

I can not answer that question fairly because every one learns at a different pace. However, it generally takes four to six immersion weeks (20 hours classes/week plus homestay) to advance to the next level. A 2-6 month course is recommended to move from the very beginning to advanced.


Can I earn Academic credit?

Yes you most definitely can. Please read about your options for receiving Academic Credit.


What qualifications do the teachers have?

All ASLS teachers are all native speakers and have more than 2 years of experience teaching Spanish as a second language. Most, if not all teachers have university degrees and some have Masters degrees. In addition to their professional credentials, they are highly motivated individuals, and adept at engaging their students and keeping the subject matter interesting.


Do you offer any specialty Spanish language program or programs? If so, can you tell me about them?

Yes we do.

How long can I study at your Affiliate Spanish Language School?

You are able to stay as long as you like. Students have been know to stay for as little as one week and have stayed up to a year and a half. We will take good care of you and do our best to meet your specific needs.


I want to learn Spanish, but do not have much time. What program do you recommend for me?

Clients with limited time would benefit most from homestay living and the Intensive Spanish curriculum (30 hours a week). These two choices would give the client maximum exposure to total immersion Spanish and increase the likelihood of Spanish language acquisition.


Can I speak to someone personally about Spanish Por Favor's Spanish language immersion programs?

Of course. Please call 1.800.966.9685 to speak with the Director Peter.

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What is a homestay?

Please read about Spanish Por Favor's homestay and alternative accommodation options for our Spanish immersion program.


May I begin my homestay before my classes start or continue after classes are over?

Yes, you may begin your homestay at any time and stay after your last day of class. Every extra day is $20USD. If you do decide to start homestay before class or stay with your host family after last class, please check with your homestay family and Affiliate Language School Director as soon as you have made this decision.


Will I have my own room and will I get meals if I choose to live with a host family in the homestay setting?

You are guaranteed your own private room. All of the homestay families are required to supply breakfast and dinner to their respective student (s). Along with some traditional Costa Rican cuisine, breakfast will include fresh fruits and dinner will include fresh vegetables. If you want seconds, feel free to ask.


I am a vegetarian, are there families that can prepare vegetarian meals?

Yes, we have host families who can cater to the needs of vegetarians. Also, if you have any other special requests for the homestay, please disclose this on the SPF application and we will do our best to accommodate you.


How far away is my homestay from each ASLS?

Each homestay is within walking distance or a short bus ride away from the school. The homestays will not be longer than 60 minutes away from the school via walking, car or public transportation.


How do you select the homestay families?

• All families are carefully screened by the ASLS director and must comply with SPF’s strict homestay policies established to guarantee a safe, clean and quality homestay experience.

• All homestay families are middle-class and live in safe and attractive neighborhoods.

• All homestay families are evaluated by the students and must earn superior scores to maintain their active status.

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Do I need to take any special type of medication or receive any shots before I study abroad?

You will certainly want to be up-to-date with your country's required shots/vaccinations and consult your doctor before departure. Furthermore, please read what the Center of Disease Control and Prevention recommends before going abroad: Center of Disease Control and Prevention.


Is it safe to study abroad?

All of Spanish Por Favor’s Affiliate Spanish Language Schools have an emergency contact person always on-call and a preferred health care provider team is always available for our clients.

In addition, you can prepare yourself by researching the politics, customs, economy, health care system and safety issues associated with your chosen host country. This will shed more light on this topic and hopefully put your mind at ease.


What are the current safety and health conditions in Latin America?

We have the perfect resource for you. Updated travel alerts, potential health hazards, and other related issues are all at your finger tips when you go to Travel Health Online.


What do I do if I get sick and need medical attention?

Spanish Por Favor makes sure that there is a recommended doctor and medical facility close to all homestay facilities and to all Affiliate Spanish Language Schools. Furthermore, we will take all necessary action to secure treatment and/or transportation back to the US or your home country, if deemed necessary.

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I want to apply online. How do I do that?

We like to keep things simple and easy so we have quality time to spend making our Spanish immersion programs the best-in-the-business. We have an Online Application you can fill-out. It is safe, secure and user-friendly. Please fill it out to the best of your ability and we will take care of the rest.

Do I have to know Spanish to enroll?

No. In fact we encourage people with minimum to no knowledge of Spanish to enroll in our Spanish immersion programs. Learning a language, while living abroad in a foreign country, is the most effective way to learn a second language.

As a novice student, you will be pleasantly surprised at how fast you will start to comprehend and begin to speak Spanish. More than 50% of our students have minimal knowledge of the Spanish language when they start one of our immersion programs.

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When and how do I pay?

You must pay you deposit before your depart and pay the remaining balance on the first day of school. You can pay Spanish Por Favor/Think Abroad online via PayPal on their secure web site (MAKE PAYMENT) or mail it to our office in Chicago, Illinois.


Where should I send the deposit and $99 enrollment fee?

If you do not choose pay online, you can send a personal check or cashiers check to 3222 W. LeMoyne St #3E, Chicago, IL 60651 and make the check payable to Think Abroad, LLC.


How much does four weeks of Spanish classes cost?

The cost is relatively inexpensive. See the price list for details about our Spanish language immersion programs fees.

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