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Language Stars

Company: Language Stars

Founding President: Leslie Lancry

What is Language Stars?

"Language Stars is the leading provider of early childhood foreign language education. Language Stars offers play-based, full immersion programs in small groups of 4-8 children in Spanish, French, German, Italian and Mandarin Chinese in groups of children ages 1-10.

Language Stars makes learning fun, through an engaging mix of games, songs, puppet shows, arts & crafts, cooking projects, treasure hunts, movement and drama, all in the foreign language. Our unique FunImmersion® method is the best way for children to enjoy learning a foreign language".

Why should I enroll my child in a language Stars program?

"Language Stars focuses solely on a child's Window of Opportunity, between birth and adolescence, to absorb a foreign language naturally. Young language learners can acquire native-like fluency as easily as they learned to walk, in contrast to an adult language learner.

Where adult learners have to work through an established first-language system, studying explicit grammar rules and practicing rote drills, the young learner learns naturally, absorbing the sounds, structures, intonation patterns and rules of a second language intuitively, as they did their mother tongue. The young brain is inherently flexible, uniquely hard-wired to acquire language naturally. Language Stars tailors its programs to maximize this opportunity".

A Language Stars parent best sums this up: “My Husband and I firmly believe we are giving our children a tremendous advantage. Language Stars allows them to learn from native speakers and acquire a flawless accent during that very narrow window from birth to age 10 when the human brain is primed for language acquisition. We believe their immersion in another language has expanded their intellectual capability and will provide a tremendous advantage for them as adults” —Cathy Hall, Language Stars parent

What is your methodology for teaching foreign languages?

"FunImmersion® is 100% IMMERSION and 100% FUN! FunImmersion® is the most effective method for teaching children a foreign language. Native-speaking teachers immerse children entirely in the target language through games, projects, music & movement, treasure hunts and other activities that have been designed to maximize learning and fun. The young brain is uniquely suited to acquire language naturally; the FunImmersion® method takes advantage of this window of opportunity, enabling children to absorb a second language as easily as they acquired their first".

How long are the classes and what are the ages you teach?

"Classes range from 1-3 hours and are tailored to small groups of children ages 1-10. From 1-3, children attend with a parent or caregiver. Our older groups – from 3-5, 5-8 and 8-10 years old – attend independently".

What is special about the LS teachers?

"Our team consists of over 60 enthusiastic, dedicated and nurturing teachers and directors from across the globe who are committed to the best foreign language education for children! Our team strives daily to bring to life each child’s potential to learn a foreign language naturally.

From a large, global pool of qualified candidates, we select an average of one in 50 based on his/her teaching talent, effectiveness with young children and native language skills. Our team represents diverse national and cultural backgrounds and holds degrees from top US and foreign institutions.

We are passionate educators, administrators and linguists who bring years of experience teaching and managing elementary school classrooms in countries from across the globe. Many of us grew up bilingually and understand the value and ease of learning a second or third language at a young age. All of us recognize the importance of fostering a generation of multilingual children who will enjoy greater future opportunities in our increasingly global market-place".

A Language Stars parent best sums this up:

“It is without exaggeration that I can tell you that my children’s Language Stars teachers are really the best of the best! Their energy level is constant and contagious, their affection
for the children is genuine, and their implementation of the curriculum
is fantastic. If only they could teach my children in EVERY subject!”

What languages do you offer at LS?

Spanish, French, German, Italian & Mandarin Chinese!

Please share a success story with our readers?

Below is a fun quote from recent article in Crains Chicago (11/6):

“…the 40 students she [Leslie] started with grew to 4,000 this year. One of them is Chase Taylor, who entered the school at age 2. Like Ms. Lancry, the 8-year-old has become obsessed with language. He speaks Spanish, French, Italian and German, and is now learning Chinese.

"A year ago, he said he wanted to learn Polish. My wife and I just looked at each other. How did he know about Polish?" laughs his father, Charles Taylor.

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