Medical Spanish Class

Medical Spanish Class

This medical Spanish class is designed for health care professionals or health science students. This course can be customized to meet your specific Spanish language needs regardless of your profession. Physicians, nurse, physical and occupational therapist, physician assistant, massage therapist and other health care professionals have enrolled in this intensive medical Spanish class.

In addition, visits to different health care settings (hospital, outpatient clinic, nursing facility, and/or surgery or rehabilitation center) in Argentina, Costa Rica or Mexico can be arranged with the purpose of motivating the student and exposing them to the countries unique healthcare system.

If you are a novice Spanish speaker or a native speaker, this class will improve your Spanish language proficiency and confidence, which, in turn, will enable you to communicate more effectively with your Spanish-speaking patients.

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Bueno Aires, Argentina

Cuernavaca, Mexico

Playa del Carmen, Mexico 


Course Objectives

Students in Spanish class
Study Spanish for Health Care Professionals.

The purpose of this medical Spanish class is to provide health science students and/or professionals with conversational Spanish and medical terminology, as well as
phrases, commands and conditions they might encounter in their work as health care professionals.

In addition, this course can be personalized to meet your specific Spanish language needs.

The students are encouraged to submit a list of vocabulary in advance for use in this class.

The students enrolled in this course can focus on what ever topic of interest or issues they find most important relating to their profession. In addition, the students enrolled will learn common medical vocabulary while studying from the Medical Spanish Textbook.


Learning Spanish as a health care professional will allow you to effectively communicate with your Spanish-speaking patients, which will help you to make precise clinical judgments and assessments and will create a linguistic bridge that will put patients at ease and in turn, promote a healthy patient-clinician relationship.

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Course Description:



This medical Spanish class will address the needs of those who require Spanish in their professional capacity regardless of their level of Spanish comprehension.

The grammar exercises and directed conversations are designed to allow the student to progress rapidly and master the most basic Spanish expressions and constructions.

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Students in Spanish class
Learn Spanish in a fun and friendly environment.

The course will address the needs of those students who are health care professionals or students of heath science.

The student will study, learn and practice medical Spanish that will empower them and enable them to speak Spanish when they encounter Spanish-speaking clients in the field.

These are some of the skills one will take from this intensive medical Spanish class.

The student will learn how to take a medicalhistory and perform a physical exam; discuss lab results with their patient or with another health care professional; give common verbal commands like sit, stand, lie down, move this or that, go there; identify and be able to verbalize all human anatomy; talk about different pathologies and symptoms during a patient consultation. Furthermore, the student will learn common vocabulary found in the medical field.

This course will also equip students with practical insights into culturally determined behavior patterns and other pertinent information regarding the medical treatment of Latinos.

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General Methodology:



Different methods of teaching will be implemented according to the specific needs of the students. Methods include: essay writing, oral interviews and presentations, authentic social interactions, recreational activities in social contexts, reading of Latin American literature, audio lingual, audio visual, interactive games, food and drink tastings, realistic dialogues, grammar drills, role-playing, story telling, field trips, and social cultural, economic, and historical discussions.


Students in Spanish class
Study hard! It will pay off in the long run!

All content of this medical Spanish class will provide the student the opportunity for improving oral proficiency and fluency, auditory comprehension and knowledge of medical vocabulary.

This will prepare the health care professional or health science student for “real life” interactions with the Spanish-speaking population.

There will be an emphasis on role playing, realistic dialogue simulation, and developing the student’s oral communication skills, which encourages the students to use their imaginations, experiences, and newly acquired vocabulary to effectively converse in Spanish.

After completion of the medical Spanish class at the student will feel more confident handling Spanish-speaking interactions they will encounter in their work as health care professionals.

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Course Duration and Class Schedule



The lessons will be given on a morning and afternoon schedule with a lunch break in between. Each student will be provided with a grammar and vocabulary textbook.


The Medical Terminology part of the course will be every day for 2 hours during the afternoon for 2 or 4 weeks. Each student will receive a medical Spanish textbook, which is included in the course price.

Learning Tools utilized


View and study anatomical diagrams and models, perform personalized question and answer dialogues and oral interviews and presentations, visit health care facilities and observe clinical interactions, perform grammar exercises, games and reality-based activities, which will provide the students with numerous opportunities to apply, in a wide variety of practical contexts, the grammatical structures learned during your functional training in class.

In addition, visits to different health care settings (hospital, surgery or rehabilitation center or outpatient clinic) in Costa Rica or Mexico can be arranged with the purpose of motivating the student and exposing them to the Mexican or Costa Rican health care system.

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