Spanish Teacher Interviews

In each newsletter we interview a Spanish teacher from one of our Affiliate Spanish Language Schools. They all love teaching Spanish to foreigners and have years of experience doing it. Enjoy!


Spanish Teacher from IH Mexico City

Laura Dávila: Spanish teacher from our Affiliate Spanish Language School in Mexico City, Mexico

1. Question (Q): How many years have you been teaching Spanish?

Answer (A): Two years and three months.

2. Q: Do you have any degrees or certifications?

A: Yes, a college degree and the IH Certificate in Teaching Spanish as a Second or Foreign Language.

3. Q: What do you like about teaching?

A: I like teaching Spanish because I like to be in contact with people from different countries and cultures.

4. Q: What is your teaching style and what tools do you use in class to enhance learning?

A: Communicative approach and Task based learning activities which are interesting for students.

5. Q: What kind of student is your ideal student?

A: Students who are interested in learning but I think the teacher needs to analyze every student's needs.