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The "Spanish for Kids" program is offered year-round and is featured at our Affiliate Spanish Schools in Cuernavaca, Mexico . The "Spanish for Kids" course is not a camp, as all have serious learning components and activities that keep learning Spanish the top priority, while maintaining a fun and exciting environment.

This program is very popular with parents who want to learn or improve their Spanish and want their kids to do so as well. Children who attend are between the ages of
5 years
- 12 years. Parents and kids can live together with native Mexican families in the homestay accommodations.

The CUERNAVACA course consists of three hours of formal Spanish classes (conversation and grammer) and three hours of field trips and out-of-class activities (trips to fun and culturally rich locations). Students are grouped into courses according to their Spanish levels. There are five students maximum per group, with conversation classes slightly larger.

All of the teachers who teach the "Spanish for Kids" course have been certified to teach this age group and have many years of experience.

General Methodology

The teaching methodologies used in this program allow the kids to learn in meaningful and fun ways that maintain the child’s interest and enthusiasm. The teachers incorporate games and physical activities that promote both enjoyment and learning. Picture and word cards are frequently used to teach vocabulary and structure. Less focus is placed on grammar and writing and more on speaking and listening.

Additional Information for Parents

As a parent, you obviously have a big part to play in your child’s learning of Spanish. The school recommends that to have greater success with your child in this process, you should follow these few suggestions.

  • Encourage your kid to take their classes seriously

  • Reinforce the importance of active participation in classroom activities

  • Speak as much Spanish to them as possible and encourage them to speak Spanish as well

  • Maintain realistic expectations according to their age & never compare them to other students

  • Continue the learning process at home

  • Parents can accompany your child during some extra curricular activities, but the school requests that you leave your child alone, while in class. Your child may feel distracted with your presence.

We have received lots of positive feedback about the quality of these programs, and the parents and kids have said that this program was excellent!

If you would like to contact the parents of the kids who participated, please contact us and we will put you in contact with them.

prices for kids program

kids program in Cuernavaca, Mexico
Tuition per week $225
Homestay per week (2-meals) $210
3-hours formal classes included in tuition
3-hours field trips included in tuition







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