Spanish Teachers Course

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This is a two-week or four week course. This is considered a specialty Spanish course and is designed for college or high school teachers who teach Spanish as a second language.

This specialty Spanish course directly addresses the Spanish teachers' need to provide the best foreign language education to their students who are learning Spanish as a second language. This course incorporates current research related to effective methods of teaching students foreign languages.

The goal for this course is to provide instruction for areas of teaching that have a direct impact on the assimilation of language by those being taught. This course covers subjects not usually taught at the university level.

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Subjects covered in this course include:

1. The most important points to incorporate into a study program

2. Methods of teaching

3. Auditory comprehension

4. Reading and composition

5. Corporal communication

6. Oral proficiency and fluency

7. Evaluation

Other topics covered, which we consider critical for teaching Spanish as a second language.

1. Elaborating didactic material in order to reinforce specific topics.

2. Eliminating a student's fear to speak a foreign language.

3. Identifying individual mistakes and achieving an explanation in group activities.

4. Stimulating individual improvement without hurting the group dynamics.

5. Achieving a balance between making mistakes and oral proficiency.

6. Improving the spontaneous activities of the group while improving topics of conversation or discussion.

7. Making a typically uninteresting subject interesting.

8. Identifying and discussing specific “problem topics“.

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