School director Interview

In each newsletter we interview the Director of one of our Affiliate Spanish Language Schools. This interview is with Marvin Lopez, the owner and Director of our ASLS in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Enjoy! 

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Marvin Lopez :  Director of our Affiliate Spanish Language School in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

1. What do you believe to be the most important thing students should know about your school?

Our school is well organized and is committed to excellence. We have the advantage of having one campus in San Jose (the city) and another at the best beach and national park in Costa Rica on the Pacific coast: Manuel Antonio.

San Jose is centrally located which makes it very easy to explore other areas of the country. San Jose also offers a rich cultural life.

The beach location is excellent to explore the best national park of Costa Rica and to admire the wonderful nature of Costa Rica. The National Park in Manuel Antonio is a combination of rain forest, beautiful white sand beaches abundant in flora and fauna, and great views. You can see howler, squirrel, and white-faced monkeys; two-toed sloths, coatimundis, raccoons, iguanas, over 350 species of birds, and more. At Manuel Antonio the mountains meet the ocean. It is a paradise!

2. Why do you think going abroad and living in the country with the people is the best way to learn a foreign language?

Learning a language involves learning about the culture. It is necessary to visit the countries were the language is spoken. Students are more motivated to learn the language when they can use it daily to communicate. Costa Ricans are laid back and friendly with foreigners, especially with those who try to speak Spanish. Students can also combine the Spanish classes with exploration of the marvels of Costa Rica and enjoyment of the comfortable weather.

3. What separates your school from other schools?

All of our staff are motivated to accommodate the needs of students. Teachers are experts at knowing what the students need in order to improve their language skills in a short period of time. Also we offer the unique opportunity of combining classes at the beach with classes at the city.

4. Beside teaching Spanish, what other programs and services does your school offer?

We offer a cultural program which involves teaching dance classes, cooking classes and site visits to the main attractions of Costa Rica. We provide students information on bus schedules, flights, local and country wide tours and will make reserves tours at discounted prices.

We also offer homestay, volunteer work and internship opportunities.

5. What do you like most about owning and operating your school.

It is very exciting to meet people from all around the world. It is also rewarding to see how fast students improve their Spanish language skills and how fast they build their confidence to communicate in Spanish. The best part of this work is getting positive feedback from our former students.