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TEFL Institute

Company: TEFL Institute

Founding President: Ti Ron Gibbs

What is TEFL Institute?

"TEFL Institute is an international TEFL training organization offering online, weekend, and in-person courses around the world.

Course graduates receive an internationally recognized TEFL Certificate that is recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education, and utilized by several universities along with pre-departure support and job placement assistance. Each year over 1,000 individuals register for one of our courses that prepares them to go abroad and teach English".

Why should I enroll in a TEFL Institute course?

"TEFL Institute prepares you to live and work abroad teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). You earn enough to cover the cost of living expenses, housing and sometimes airfare. The best thing about our training is that it gives you an excellent way to enhance your resume with real international work experience as you learn a new language, explore a new culture, and make many new friends.

TEFL graduates gain a competitive advantage in the market place by highlighting their international experience and abilities to live abroad. Instead of saving tens of thousands of dollars to go and live abroad, TEFL Institute makes the process entirely affordable.

Our course is about $1,350 but you will save thousands in housing, airfare, and living expenses as your school will pay you and you can use these funds to live and work abroad. From the moment you register for your course, you join our international network of schools and alumni who help you find your English teaching job abroad".

Where do graduates go to teach English abroad?

"TEFL Institute offers two types of TEFL training: TEFL Professional and TEFL Basic. Our TEFL Professional graduates can teach in over 80 countries around the world and through the United States in private ESL schools. TEFL Professional graduates earn an excellent salary are paid directly by their school. TEFL Basic graduates can teach English in volunteer assignments around the world. There are many countries which need volunteer teachers to serve their communities. You can teach in South America, Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe. In the end, where you teach is entirely up to you".

Why would one choose the international course over the online or seminar courses?

" TEFL Institute online courses are taught in a virtual classroom environment which is the closest medium to “live” or “in-person” classroom instruction. The classes are taught by a university professor with a Masters or PhD in TESOL or a related field.

Each student receives individualize instruction from their Instructor and Support Specialist to help them every step along the way. Each online class has about 25 students in it and they come from across the United States as well as from around the world. As such the online courses are fun and students may build relationships with each other through the online chat rooms or discussion boards.

The biggest benefit is that students can continue to work or study while they earn an internationally recognized TEFL certificate from TEFL Institute. Online students can save as much as $5,000 dollars versus taking a “live” international course. This is because there are no costs for housing, meals, airfare or related expenses.

In addition, you can continue working to save money before you go abroad or to finish your studies. Online training is the most cost effective manner to earn your international TEFL Certificate when is taught in a virtual classroom environment through TEFL Institute.

Many students may elect to take their TEFL training abroad despite the higher costs because they want to acclimate themselves to their new country slowly. Taking an international TEFL Course is an excellent way to meet new friends and to learn about your new country together. Also, many students prepare to learn in person to build relationships with their instructors as well as with their peers.

Whichever medium you choose to earn your TEFL training there are some important rules to keep in mind. Try to choose a TEFL training course that provides:

- At least 120 hours of TEFL training if you want to live abroad and be paid

- Grammar, Curriculum Development, Methodology, and Class Lesson Planning as the key parts of their course material

- Internationally recognized TEFL Certificate

- Recognized by a State Board of Education or Accreditation Agency

- The school is active in NAFSA or TEFL organizations

- Offers Job Placement Assistance

Please share a success story with our readers?

This is one of our success stories from a volunteer teaching English in Buenos Aires.

“It is very easy to follow, not overwhelming, and taught at a very good pace. I actually had a lot of fun with the assignments. It gave me a chance to personally reflect on what I had done in the past in comparison with this new teaching material that I took from the course. I also think the instructor was very patient and helpful with my personal questions and problems I faced in the course. 

And I truly appreciate that in keeping my filter low, so that I could participate in the forums regularly. I really felt like we were all a family in the course and I will always take that from this course.” --- Caroline, is volunteer English teaching in Buenos Aires

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