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This is a brilliant, must read piece for those traveling to Costa Rica and do not quite know how or what to pack.

This article was written by our travel savvy journalist, Barbara Flores.

*She has participated in our language immersion program in Costa Rica and is a regular contribultor to our programs and services.
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Company Profile

Peter B. Sims, a travel fanatic and lover of foreign languages, founded Think Abroad, LLC in 2004. 

Since it's inception, the aim has been to promote personal growth, intercultural sensitivity, and marketability for future endeavors by facilitating international education and foreign language study. 

Think Abroad's mission is to evaluate and select the very best international foreign language schools.  You will save time and money by allowing Think Abroad to customize a language travel experience that meets your unique personality, preferences, and budget. 

Whatever your language travel needs might be, Think Abroad has the perfect immersion experience for you.

Immersion Experience in Costa Rica

Spanish Por Favor (SPF), the Spanish division of Think Abroad, offers immersion education and cultural experiences in Latin America and Spain.  

SPF's Affiliate Spanish Language School in San Jose, Costa Rica is the prestigious Instituto Professional de Espanol para Extranjeros (IPEE).    

All classes emphasize a functional use of the language. All levels of Spanish are accommodated, from complete beginners to advanced students. In addition, specialty courses for Educators, Medical Professionals, Executives, and Law Enforcement Agents.  

Please contact us for more information: 1-800-699-9685 or at
SPF goes South of the Border!

This August SPF will be in Mexico evaluating several new additions to it's portfolio of elite Affiliate Spanish Language Schools. 

Representatives of SPF will visit schools in some of the most culturally rich areas of Mexico including Mexico City, Cuernavaca, and Guanajuato. 

It is the policy of Think Abroad to personally visit each school it works with. This includes a tour of the facility, the surrounding neighborhood and local attractions, as well as a formal assessment of the homestay accommodations. 

Think Abroad also interviews the management and teaching staff after taking classes to ensure that the company's elevated standards are upheld.   

Keep an eye out for the new Affiliate Spanish Language Schools in Mexico! 
Mandarin Chinese in Beijing and Shanghai

china flagIf you are going to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing (Aug 8th -24th) why not go two weeks before the opening ceremonies and learn a bit of Mandarin Chinese?  Learning a few phrases might make your Olympic experience in Beijing more enjoyable!

In 2008, Think Abroad will be offering Mandarin immersion education in China.  The Affiliate Mandarin Language Schools will be located in Beijing and Shanghai. 

Please inquire for more information. 1-800-699-9685.

We look forward to working with you and strive to provide an immersion education experience that meets your specific needs.
Live well,
Peter B. Sims
Spanish Por Favor/Think Abroad, LLC
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