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Volunteer: Samara, Costa rica

Students must commit to a minimum of one month to participate in this volunteer opportunity in Samara, Costa Rica and must have an intermediate level of Spanish language skills. Moreover, work experience and/or a degree many be necessary. All students must bring their current CV/resume and letters of recommendation (min. two) to assist in obtaining a volunteer position.

These are a few things that make the student more attractive to the coordinators of the volunteer programs:

Interpersonal Skills: Outside of being able to communicate functionally-well in Spanish, students must be confident in new and different environments and be motivated to step out of their comfort zone and be organized and able to manage time efficiently.

Technical Skills: Students who possess a variety of different technical skills have an advantage in obtaining volunteer positions. We are asking that students think about
specific credentials, degrees, skills and/or other things that set them apart and make them marketable.

Volunteer in Argentina with Spanish Por Favor!

Spanish Language Skills: Students must be at the intermediate or advanced levels to participate in most volunteer opportunities.

Time Commitment: The minimum length of stay to participate in the volunteer program in Samara, Cost Rica is one month. However, the longer the time commitment, the better, as this helps justify the significant investment and resources involved in properly training the students.

Openness: It behooves all students to be willing to learn and work in various environments even if it is an area that was not initially desired.

Option One:

- During the first week of class, the school will help you arrange your volunteer placement. They will provide a variety of support services before starting your program (orientation meeting and initial placement, access to local volunteer coordinator for advice, etc) for $50 per volunteer, of which the school contributes 20% ($10) to local charities. Students who choose this option must bring their resumé (CV), letters of recommendation, and any other information that may be relevant to your future volunteer supervisors.

Volunteer with Spanish Por Favor!

Option Two:

This option is called the pre-arranged volunteer program. The total cost for this program is $125. The volunteer option includes pre-departure counseling for placement selection, increased list of placement choices, email communication with Volunteer supervisor before arrival, and the regular orientation meeting and on-site access to the volunteer coordinator that the student receives in option one.

Past Volunteer Positions:  These options may not be available, please contact us for specifics.

Ministry of Culture: participate in cultural activities, events, and government sponsored cultural initiatives.

Ministry of Education:
teach or assistant in teaching English (EFL) in local primary and high schools.

: work with children at local orphanages; leading games, activities, sports & English classes.

Drug Rehabilitation:
work with local youth in addiction recovery programs (sports, English, games/ administrative support).

Special Education:
assistant teach in special education programs at local schools.

Retirement Centers:
help care for and interact with the elderly.

National Parks:
assist with trail maintenance, construction, beach patrol and administrative support in national parks and reserves.

offer support during production processes at eco-farms in rural areas.
Women's Cooperatives: administrative and production process support in rural and urban areas.

Animal Shelter:
assist in cleaning, caring for and exercising animals at a local shelter.

Turtle Protection:
beach patrol, nursery care, and support services for turtle protection entities.

Butterfly and Orchid Gardens:
provide tours, administrative and maintenance help in local butterfly and orchid gardens.


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